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Football and the Global City

A conversation on sustainable cities and civic innovation—through the lens of sport

Panel and event, at the Downtown LA offices of design firm Gensler, convening leaders of industry, media, and policy to discuss civic imperative, the currency of sport, and a “city of cities” undergoing profound reinvention—revisiting themes first introduced in Kit Magazine’s Football and the Global City special edition.

Speakers: Eric Randolph, Gensler; Jessica Lall, Central City Association of Los Angeles; Benny Tran, LAFC. Moderator: Mike Hopper, Bloomberg Associates.

Cities are the epicenters of culture, ideas and engines of economic and social capital. As the global population continues to shift to urban areas, that growth comes with great challenges—but cities also command the critical scale to address them. Resiliency calls for new strategies for creating the places where we live and work, and the mobility that links them. To cultivate smart density, design will embrace change in a holistic way to benefit and reinforce the whole community.

Shaping the Future of Cities — Gensler Dialogue No 32

The evening’s highlights were presented as a special newsprint takeaway for Soccerex, a ‘Davos’ for global football, the following month in Miami. Included was a sidebar interview, about the club’s unconventional role in the renewed Master Plan for LA’s Expo Park, with Football and the Global City panelist Benny Tran, LAFC head of corporate strategy and development.