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Kit Magazine

The business of media, and beyond—through the lens of football

Santiago’s house publication, geared toward a professional audience, using the global game as a framework for examining the themes, issues, and playmakers shaping the media business and beyond—from the streaming revolution to political risk.

‘You have the world’s largest media companies investing in the game and making soccer a major strategic priority. That this is happening concurrently is unprecedented.’

Christopher Vollmer, partner, Media and Entertainment, PwC

‘In our culture, quality and quantity often get conflated. I think Netflix is fixing that, in a way. Maybe it’s an unintended consequence. But they will make movies that no one else will.’

Richard Brown, producer, Catch-22, Outlaw King

‘What’s good about Billions now is that there’s a little bit more cause-and-effect. Slowly but surely we’re seeing the corrupting, soul-blackening, heart-shriveling effect of power and money.’

Damian Lewis, producer and actor, Billions