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Kit Magazine


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Santiago’s ‘house publication’, Kit Magazine uses the world’s most dynamic and influential sport as a hook and framework to explore an array of issues, themes and newsmakers defining the marketplace—with a distinct eye to the intersection of business, media, policy and society.

Kit prints twice a year. Running digital series—including Football and the Global City, about urbanism and sustainable development, and thought-leadership Q&A Seven Aside—publish year-round, with occasional live events.

‘You have the world’s largest media companies investing in the game and making soccer a major strategic priority. That this is happening concurrently is unprecedented.’

Christopher Vollmer, PwC

‘One of the early design decisions was about really having a street address. It sends a broader message about our commitment to the community and says, ‘We’re a part of developing the Figueroa Corridor at this end.”

Jonathan Emmett, Gensler

‘Businesses that are preparing now for eventual public policy action are the ones that are going to win in the long term.’

Tim Brown, Allbirds

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